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Breaking Blind Stereotypes

Media can often misrepresent the blind and visually impaired community, but how are negative stereotypes shown in media, how do they impact perceptions of sight loss, and what is the Supercrip Stereotype? Catalin Brylla works in the specialist field of...
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Blindness and Painting

This web resource is about blindness and painting. It features a documentary called “The Terry Fragments”, which depicts blind painter Terry Hopwood-Jackson’s painting process. After becoming blind, Terry has developed a unique painting process and style, which allows him to execute all stages by himself, apart from mixing the colours. He uses plasticine to create the outlines and textures, which he then paints and varnishes. One painting may take him several weeks to several months, depending on how motivated and inspired he is.

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Media Engagement and Advocacy

Dr Catalin Brylla (Bournemouth University) talks about media engagement and advocacy, presenting his case study of documentary making and visual impairment. This project aims to deconstruct the stigma of blind people through the analysis of existing, as well as the...
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