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Dr Batista Francis Mgumba and Dr Lucas Luhende Kija (University of Dar es Salaam) examine the use of assistive technology in facilitating inclusive learning for students with disabilities in higher education institutions in Tanzania. Specifically, the study was guided by two objectives: first, to explore the knowledge level of assistive technology among students with disabilities; and second, to assess the extent to which students with disabilities apply assistive technologies to facilitate their learning in higher education institutions. The study was descriptive in nature and used a case study design. Study participants included 14 (seven female and seven male) students with disabilities and one male transcriber amounting to 15 participants. Data were collected using semi-structured interview guides. The results indicated that students with disabilities had relatively limited knowledge of assistive technology because there was no specialized computer training for them. They acquired computer skills out of their own personal efforts. However, it was noted that those who managed to acquire knowledge, skills and positive attitude, proved to be useful in supporting their learning in inclusive setting.  The study recommends for the development of regular trainings on assistive technology for students with disabilities to facilitate their learning in inclusive settings.


Presentation held at the YDAR Festival 2023, Day 3


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Dr. Batista Francis Mgumba is a lecturer in the Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies, Faculty of Education at the Dar es salaam University College of Education. His bachelor degree was on B.A (Ed) University of Dar es Salaam, M.A in Applied Social Psychology (UDSM) and PhD in Education (UDSM). He has specialized in counselling (Educational and Rehabilitation counselling) special education and inclusive education. Dr. Mgumba has researched on social-psychological problems facing individuals with visual impairments and their access to appropriate counselling services. Currently, Dr. Mgumba is conducting studies on the status of counselling services for persons with disabilities in the universities and the applicability of inclusive education in Tanzanian context.


Dr. Lucas Luhende Kija is a lecturer in the Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum studies at the Dar es Salaam University College of Education (DUCE). He holds a PhD in Education, Master of Arts in Applied Social Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts (Education) from the University of Dar es Salaam. Before joining DUCE in 2008, he was a College Tutor teaching Educational Psychology Guidance and Counseling, History, and Development Studies at Mpwapwa Teachers College. Being a lecturer, he teaches courses in Education, including Introduction to Educational Psychology, Counselling and Special Needs Education, Psychology of Exceptionalities, Educational and Career Guidance and Counselling at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. Dr. Lucas Luhende Kija also works as a researcher and consultant to governmental and non-governmental organizations at local and international levels. He has researched on the ‘Influence of Learning Support Services on Academic Progress of University Students with Visual Impairments in Tanzania’, ‘Problems Affecting HIV/AIDS Dissemination to Persons with Visual Impairment in Tanzania’, ‘The Status and Implementation of the 2006 UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and Tanzania Disability Laws’, as well as Widening participation of Persons with disabilities in elections. Currently, Dr. Lucas Luhende Kija is conducting studies on the status of ICT and Assistive Technology for Persons with Disabilities and the applicability of inclusive education in Tanzania.



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