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Sexual Self-Advocacy for Women with Disabilities

Sexual Autonomy is a hushed topic in the East African regions and the denial to sexual autonomy and experiences is even further intensified for Women with Disabilities (WwD). During the online session, Bijal Lal will present about the inherent right…

Participatory Grant Making and Advocacy by Young Disabled Activists

What happens when young disabled activists get to design and run their own advocacy projects? And what happens when young disabled people get to choose who and what gets funding? This session will give a short introduction to participatory grant…

Bridging the Road to Equality: Safe is Inclusive!

This session will showcase how road safety contributes to reducing inequalities, especially among disabled youths. It will discuss the impact of road traffic crashes on disadvantaged communities and share key findings and recommendations from a new policy brief on Road…


Advertising and Disability Activism

This workshop will focus on the ways in which advertising can promote disability activism and advocacy. It will explore how different forms of advertising (such as social media campaigns and poster advertisements) and strategies (for example, 'shockvertising' and framing messages...
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