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confident young woman with dwarfism rides a bike on residential neighborhood path

The Socio-Spatial Experiences of People with Dwarfism in Public Spaces

Drawing from her book, ‘Dwarfism, Spatiality and Disabling Experiences’ Dr Erin Pritchard will explore the various social and spatial experiences of people with dwarfism. The talk will demonstrate how physical and social barriers, the latter influenced by cultural representations of…

Advocacy by Young People with Disabilities: Assessing the Outcomes of the Campaigns

This session will update the YDAR network on the results of two disability advocacy campaigns designed and led by young disability activists in Tanzania. These were launched in late 2023 and are coming to an end in April 2024. 1. Digital…

Sexual Self-Advocacy for Women with Disabilities

Sexual Autonomy is a hushed topic in the East African regions and the denial to sexual autonomy and experiences is even further intensified for Women with Disabilities (WwD). During the online session, Bijal Lal will present about the inherent right…


Advertising and Disability Activism

This workshop will focus on the ways in which advertising can promote disability activism and advocacy. It will explore how different forms of advertising (such as social media campaigns and poster advertisements) and strategies (for example, 'shockvertising' and framing messages...
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