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This session will update the YDAR network on the results of two disability advocacy campaigns designed and led by young disability activists in Tanzania. These were launched in late 2023 and are coming to an end in April 2024.
1. Digital advocacy for youth with disabilities is one of the YDAR winning campaigns that aims to provide awareness to the society on the matter of disabilities at large. Run by Yumna Mmanga Omar, Fakihat Omar Abubakar, Jamila Borafya Hamza and Zakia Daudi, it provides knowledge to young people with disabilities on the positive manner of using social media and other digital platforms in ensuring that the awareness of people with disabilities right’s is well-transmitted.
2. Tackling negative attitudes towards people with disabilities is one of the YDAR winning campaigns that aims to dispel negative, societal views of disability. Run by Eva Joseph Masanilo, it will do this by launching a wide-spread awareness campaign, involving meetings with parents of people with disabilities, radio and TV coverage, flyers and a music video. The key strategy is to provide a better education to the community, in order to understand the true nature of persons with disabilities.
In this session, presenters will discuss:
  • The impacts and outcomes of the campaigns
  • Any changes observed so far in policy and practice
  • Lessons learnt and future plans
Date and time: Thursday, 4th April 2024 at 3:00-4:30pm EAT (1:00-2:30pm London; 8:00-9:30am Washington, D.C.)
Registration: Please register for the event by clicking here and you will receive the Zoom link.
Speaker Bios
Fakihat Omar Abubakar was born in Zanzibar and has an intellectual disorder and physical disability since she was a kid. As a child, she was a slow learner yet she never gave up, she kept on working hard, and completed her certificate in IT. She also trained herself to do graphics design, and her interest is in writing, too. She eventually started her Instagram page, and now she is composing poems and quotes to inspire people. By doing that, she got a chance to volunteer in the Organisation of Women with Disabilities in Zanzibar as an IT assistant. There she also attends seminars that teach new skills based on gender equality and challenges of people with disabilities and how to deal with the difficulties in general. She also personally helps people with disabilities, she still wants to develop new skills. She is interested in reading books and writing books.
Eva Joseph Masanilo was born in Geita region, Tanzania. I was born on 2nd January 1998. I am a person with visual impairment (total blindness). I have Bachelor Degree of Education in Adult and Community Education acquired in University of Dar es Salaam. I am the first fully blind person to pursue French as a subject from ordinary school level to university level In Tanzania. As a person with disability, I saw and experienced different challenges facing us in the community, mostly the challenge to deal with negative attitudes of the community towards people with disabilities. I was inspired to provide education in the community to eliminate these negative attitudes.
Elineca Ndowo is a dedicated development professional with several years of experience working with International Non-Government Organizations in various donor funded programs. A graduate from University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM) holding a Bachelor of Arts with Education and a Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management. Currently working with ADD International as Program Coordinator for the ADD Young Leaders Program.