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Vanessa Herringshaw (Add International) outlines innovative approaches to youth-led advocacy. Youth advocacy initiatives can contribute to the disability movement, but often it is difficult for them to access funds and influence decisions. Vanessa presents a new pilot scheme of advocacy and grantmaking led by youth with disabilities, which aims to change the status quo and generate new impacts.


Presentation held at the YDAR Festival 2023, Day 1


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3. Festival- Day 1 – Intro to Pilot FINAL



Vanessa (also known as Ness) is Head of Participatory Grantmaking and Movement Support at ADD International. She is working to establish grant making that shifts the power to persons with disabilities in the Global South, and to support strong collaboration within and between disability, women’s and youth movements. Her focus has always been voice, justice and collaborative action. Before coming to ADD, she was Director of the Transparency and Accountability Initiative, Director of Advocacy and Director of Technical Capacity Building at the Revenue Watch Institute, and Head of Economic Policy at Save the Children UK. She lived for four years in Asia working on health systems strengthening. She was a Reddaway Scholar at Cambridge University, Frank Knox Scholar at Harvard University/Kennedy School of Government, has a Masters from the London School of Hygiene and has taught at Central European University. She loves to dance!



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