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Capacity building and networking for social change

This network equips a new generation of disability activists in East Africa with the tools, skills, and resources required to build powerful movements for change. This centres around a knowledge exchange between young East African disability activists, academics, international campaigning organisations, and existing disability networks. The programme helps disability activists influence governments, international development actors, and the private sector to design policies and services, at a local, national, and global level, which consider the needs of disabled people, as well as to challenge the stigma of disability within their own communities.

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Latest News & Events



Sexual Self-Advocacy for Women with Disabilities

Sexual Autonomy is a hushed topic in the East African regions and the denial to sexual autonomy and experiences is even further intensified for Women with Disabilities (WwD). During the online session, Bijal Lal will present about the inherent right…

Advertising and Disability Activism

This workshop will focus on the ways in which advertising can promote disability activism and advocacy. It will explore how different forms of advertising (such as social media campaigns and poster advertisements) and strategies (for example, 'shockvertising' and framing messages…

South to South Dialogue and the Issue of Visibility: Lessons from Kenya and Brazil

In this webinar, we aim at reflecting on the potential of media activism and artivism to create more sustainable connections between Global South communities and to promote a dialogue to challenge colonial legacies and promote social justice. We explore how creative digital media…