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In this online workshop George Sempangi (ADD International) talks about what it means to be a young person with a disability. He explains that having an impairment is a reality, and it is important you accept yourself. The world has put in place several enabling legal environments to support Persons with Disabilities, and you should seize every opportunity to learn, network and support each other.



Presentation slides

Understanding yourself



George Katumba Sempangi is the Global Young Leaders Advisor working for Action on Disability and Development. George got polio at the age of four, which affected one of his right limbs. For the last year, he has been instrumental in designing the Young Leaders Programme and ensuring that young people with disabilities develop their leadership potential and bringing out their abilities. He has been instrumental in supporting the capacity building of organizations of persons with disabilities in Uganda with extensive knowledge on inclusive education and inclusive economic empowerment. He has facilitated different audiences concerning the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as national legal, policy and institutional frameworks for the promotion of human rights and inclusion of people with disabilities. George has worked with several emerging and marginalized disabilities, like the Vitiligo Association Uganda to amplify their voices within the disability movement. As part of the team he aims to boost advocacy for persons with disabilities in East Africa.