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Disability Advocacy through Media Training Course

Image of Disability Advocacy through Media Training Course

This online course will introduce advocates to how to use traditional and online media advocacy techniques to build awareness of disability issues. It will cover the use of social media, videos, websites and blogs for disability advocacy. It includes e-lectures, self-teaching assignments, and all-online readings and other resources.

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The Inclusive Workplaces Toolkit

This resource breaks down key questions on disability employment for businesses and organisations looking to make their work more inclusive of employees with intellectual disabilities. It provides clear and concrete recommendations for primarily free and easy actions that the employer can take to create a more inclusive workplace.

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Inclusive Filmmaking Toolkit

Image of The Inclusive Filmmaking Toolkit

The Inclusive Filmmaking Toolkit has been created to provide screen and creative industries with an essential resource to help guide the sector to become more inclusive and disability-confident. The Toolkit outlines best practice principles to provide the most appropriate support and achieve greater and more meaningful inclusion of people living with disability on both sides of the camera.

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